Reading Material: 07.10.15

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Photo Credit: Paul Colangelo.

Something smells fishy:

Look Beyond the Label: A Supposedly Sustainable Fishery is Harming Native Alaskans – Lee van der Voo,

The Marine Stewardship Council has given McDonald’s trawl caught pollock for the Filet-O-Fish sandwich it’s blue label of sustainability, despite this fishing method scooping up halibut in the process and depleting supplies for native tribes in Alaska which depend on the large fish. This is just one of many examples of food labels being completely meaningless.

‘Salvation Fish’ That Sustained Native People Now Needs Saving – J.B. MacKinnon, National Geographic.

If salmon colonies were to collapse in drastic numbers, international alarms would sound and the plight of the ever popular salmon would become a major cause. But as a fish with no commercial significance and valued mostly by native peoples in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, the vastly reduced stocks of eulachon, also known as candlefish, in decline since the 1990s have gone largely unnoticed by the public. Climate change, bycatch from shrimp boats and pollution are all to blame, but numbers seem to be slowly improving.

The Case for Eating Small Fish – John Donohue, The New Yorker.

Fish such as herring, mackerel and anchovies are large used as feed or forage fish, or harvested for their oil for the supplement industry. Marine conservationists are hoping chefs can turn salmon and tuna lovers into small fish lovers. Personally, I will take mackerel over salmon any day.

Happy cows:

Milk Dumped as Supplies Overwhelm U.S. Dairies – Crain’s Chicago Business.

Feed and fuel prices are down, milk production is up, yet this milky overflow is going straight down the drain, being dumped by the truckload. Perhaps you should eat more cheese?

Say Cheese: How to Store Cheese so it Stays Fresh Longer – Jolene Bouchon, Tasting Table. 

A quick guide on how to best take care of your cheese. My personal preference: simply wrapped in parchment paper and eaten over the span of just a few days. Ok, perhaps only one day.

5 Ice Cream Myths That Need to Disappear – Max Falkowitz, Serious Eats.

I really wanted to agree with this list, but I can tell you from experience, cheap eggs and milk will result in cheap ice cream, stabilizers are a sure way to add a less than small batch taste to ice cream, and sure, maybe alcohol doesn’t help the texture of ice cream, but it sure tastes good. And untempered eggs, no. Just no. It’s not just tradition, it is technique.

And finally, no explanation needed,

Play ball:

The 43 Must-Eat Baseball Stadium Dishes Across America – Sonia Chopra, Eater.

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