How To: Empanadas

There’s nothing like a visual ‘how to’ to learn something new.

Watch this quick demon on folding an empanda, and finishing with a rope edge, or un repulge.

Empanadas de Cerveza – Beer Dough Empanadas

Grabbing a round aluminum tray, a pair of tongs and carefully selecting from the sugar topped, soft and flaky pastries on display is one of the great joys of visiting a Mexican pastry shop. Picking an empanada, thinking it is filled with pineapple, only to later realize it is pumpkin or apple, is one of…

Buñuelos con Fresas

Saratoga County is overflowing with small town, rural charm – red barns, faded and freshly painted offset against impossibly green fields; Elk lodge bingo nights; pancake breakfasts at the volunteer fire department; lawn jockeys looking positively non-ironic among the prehistorically sized hostas lining large Victorian porches; hot air balloon festivals where the balloons may not…