Minerva Orduño Rincón is a chef, writer and formerly an architect. Born and raised in Mexico, she lived briefly in Spain, but has resided in the United States for much of her life.

She believes cooking is as much an act of love, as it is a show of respect towards the ingredients used and the people producing them. While her true passion is Mexican cuisine, she enjoys the food of all cultures.

In her spare time she gardens and rides horses.

3 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello. I’m sorry I will miss your class at the Tucson Desert Museum. Do you have any classes online? I am writing a family cookbook, and it’s hard at times to reduce the recipe to its essence while keeping in the historical background.


  2. Hello, I have made membrillo twice now from 2 bushes in our garden. They are ornamental varieties and not planted for the fruit but after a hard pruning early in 2020 they bore fruit like we’d never seen! Tons of it and much of it as big or bigger than golf ball. Then again a prune early 22’ and an even bigger bumper crop so just made it again. Nothing in 2021.. I’m seeing the pruning might force the bush. So your photo was from Saratoga Springs and I have lived here since 87 although now I’m in nearby Ballston Spa. Did you visit, or do you live nearby? If so, do you find the larger quince fruit available anywhere here locally? I appreciated your well written account of the quince preparations. Maybe it was your post I saw a couple of weeks ago when, once again, learning to make corn tortillas at home. I feel like I’ve seen “Cucumbers and Lime” twice very recently for different culinary explorations. Anyway, I look forward to digging into more of your work and thanks for taking such care.


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