Miel de Tuna – Prickly Pear Syrup

There are so many methods to working with tuna, prickly pear, the fruit of the nopal cactus. This is just one of them, and the one which works best for me, as I generally do my kitchen work without an extra set of hands. There’s a few important things to remember when working with tuna….

Reading Material: 07.10.15

Photo Credit: Paul Colangelo. Something smells fishy: Look Beyond the Label: A Supposedly Sustainable Fishery is Harming Native Alaskans – Lee van der Voo, Slate.com. The Marine Stewardship Council┬áhas given McDonald’s trawl caught pollock for the Filet-O-Fish sandwich it’s blue label of sustainability, despite this fishing method scooping up halibut in the process and depleting…