Food related writing and news from the last two weeks.

Chinese Food and the Joy of Inauthentic Cooking, The New Yorker.

Examining the ‘existential crisis’ and ‘flavor memory’ shown by well known Asian chefs.

Pits Show Peaches Were in China Before Humans, Futurity.

There’s little evidence of the domestication of peaches. Two and a half million year old peach pits found in China, nearly identical to modern ones, show the long history of the juicy fruit.

The Case for Bad Coffee, Serious Eats.

Like a love letter to anyone that has ever had a terrible/fantastic cup of coffee at a Denny’s at 2 o’clock in the morning in the company of the slightly wasted.

Arizona just threw mass shade at The New York Times, Business Insider.

When the state of Arizona makes fun of you (and I say this as a former resident of the state, a place I still very much love), you really screwed up. The NY Times, and writer Melissa Clark, may never ever live down the great Peas in Guacamole Incident of 2015. If you’re looking for a less legume-inclined guacamole recipe, there is help. And ‘mass shade’? Is that how the cool kids are saying it now?

Thieves are Ravaging California’s Nut Farms, CNBC.  

Thousands of pounds of nuts does not seem like the most practical thing to steal, but when there is a will, there is a way.

Vintage Ad Archive: The Drinks of Thanksgiving! The Alcohol Professor.

Does anything go better with Thanksgiving than drinking?

High Sodium Labeling Starts Tuesday At Chain Restaurants In NYC, gothamist.

Because calorie content on  menus are not scary enough, now also including sodium. Can sugar content be far behind?

Common Pesticides Linked to Decreased Lung Function in Children, Time.

Children living in farming areas are suffering the same kind of lung damage as caused by second hand smoke from exposure to common pesticides.

The world’s favorite fruit is slowly but surely being driven to extinction, Quartz.

A fungus, Tropical Race 4, is slowly killing off the very popular Cavendish cultivar of bananas, the most common banana variety. Good thing we still have plantains and apple bananas. Seriously, try apple bananas.

And finally:

The Search for a Better Sriracha, Eater. 

The good folks at Eater are trying to let you know your Sriracha obsession is so 2009. Time to find a cooler hot sauce, bro.



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