‘I heard you on the radio!’

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There’s a few things more pleasurable than being interviewed by someone you listen to on a regular basis, by one of those voices on the radio leading to those occasional ‘driveway moments’ NPR hosts like to talk about during those fund drives. Those moments when you are tied to that voice, that story playing, and keep listening even though you’re home and dinner making awaits, people need hugs and dogs need scratches.

Are my stories with my local NPR, KJZZ, some of those moments? Oh highly unlikely. But I’m always happy to contribute even a small bit to the conversation on Sonoran food and culture.

Listen to the stories here:

A corn shortage in Mexico is hindering the Christmas tradition of tamale making

Try a sip of Mexican hot chocolate with chef Minerva Orduño Rincón

And has it been so long since I’ve posted anything that I’ve forgotten how to make this look cool? Yes, I absolutely have.

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