Reading Material: 12.11.2020

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I meant to insert an actual post sometime in between these reading lists, and yeah, time is relative and went out the window.

So more reading material:

In a school district north of Dallas, you can shop at a student run in-school grocery store with good deeds. Really puts that warm feeling in your belly.

If you’re a gardener, you know what you grow will only be as good as your soil is. It has been tilled and turned over by hand. It gets calcium, worm casings, mulch, and a fancy locally made fertilizer which frankly smells good enough to eat. Instead of a hard clump of lifeless dirt it is now soft and fragrant, full of plant matter and a decent amount of worms. It has life. According to this year’s World Food Prize (yep, that’s a thing), Soil Should Have Rights and we’re very much in need of a Clean Soil Act to set proper standards in soil utilization and nutritional content.

If ancient yet very modern food is your thing (in Spanish but that is why Google Translate was created), Profesor cocina recetas mesopotamias de 3,770 años de antigüedad y comparte los resultados, or Professor cooks 3,700 year old mesopotamian recipes and shares his results. The results, other than finding sheep’s blood, easy and tasty.

In books you want to eat because portable food is the best: Georgian Khachapuri and Filled Breads by Carla Capalbo. While this is not a new book, it can be ordered directly from the author at

For your visual pleasure:

If you’ve never tried blue corn mush or any other Diné or Navajo food, you are missing out on a cloud-like delight of perfect simplicity. I do not exaggerate. Jennifer Wheeler is sharing her knowledge of the food and language of the Navajo Nation on YouTube, including that wonderful blue corn mush.

To quote from my personal Facebook: ‘Oh sure the meatball pie looks cool and trust me someday I’ll make myself a meatball pie, and maybe I’ll give myself an extra extra dose of iron from all the iron the acid in the tomato sauce will leach out of that pan. This is why you need the humble and sarcastic culinary instructor in your life, so your awesome meatball pie doesn’t taste like blood.’ In all seriousness though, meatball pie does look great.

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