Tamales, Tamales, Virtual Tamalitos

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Tamales are Mexican Currency, and if you listen to what Mr. Basho (if you’re raising a bilingual child, get on his YouTube channel as he’s so very entertaining to the mini people) has to say in this song, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

He gives kisses for getting tamales. I prefer to exchange them for good bottles of whiskey. Or you know, regular money, though my days of being eager to sell tamales are past. Instead, I’ll teach YOU to make tamales.

Join me for the last Zoom Cooking School class of the year, and learn how to make your own Tamales, Tamales, Tamalitos.

Register for Tamales de Res Sonorenses (Sonoran red beef tamales) via Tucson Botanical Garden. Every single class goes to help support the garden’s mission of conservation, education and providing a green refuge in the desert.

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