Coming up: Pozole and Tamales via Zoom

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Join me for my last two Zoom Cooking School classes with Tucson Botanical Gardens with two classics: pozole rojo and tamales de res sonorenses. Get the chile colorado ready, you will need it.

Due to time constraints cooking segments are pre-recorded as no one wants to spend all day with me nixtamalizing corn and cooking away. Unfortunately these two dishes do not allow for a cook along experience. Plenty of time is given for questions and comments, and those are welcome. As well as cameras being on. I love to see some shining faces.

Class descriptions and link to registration below.

11/14/2020 3 PM PST Classic Pozole Rojo

Join us for preparing a classic pork pozole with chile colorado (red chile) and tender long simmered hominy. This class will cover nixtamalización, the process by which dry corn grains are treated with an alkaline solution to not only improve their digestibility but their nutritional content as well.

Tamales de Res Sonorenses

With December approaching it is time to get the tamalera out and clear some space in the freezer: it is tamal-making season. Enjoy these pillowy beef tamales in chile colorado. And while there are many arguments saying it is the filling that makes the tamal, it is a light and flavorful dough which truly makes a tamal as great as it can be.

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