Are you sick of Zoom yet? Seems amazing something I, and many others, had barely heard of six months ago is now all of life, but there we are. If you’re curious as to what a Zoom cooking class is like, let’s explain it a bit.

  1. Class recipes are sent out ahead of time, along with Zoom classroom invitation. I try to make my recipes as detailed as possible without being overwhelming, and like to occasionally throw in historical bits if I know them, detail on how to select product, where to find it, etc.
  2. Cooking segments are prerecorded. As I share my home with other humans (including a small one attached to me at all times), being able to prerecord and edit helps my stress level immensely, meaning I can provide a better educational experience. It also allows me to condense cooking time for things which may require hours. In the future I may plan a ‘cook along’ class, but for now this is a great format for me.
  3. I talk a lot during those prerecorded videos, trying to provide as much information as possible to make up for the lack of one on one instruction I would otherwise provide in a in person class. As I try to anticipate any questions which would normally come up, be ready for a chatty cooking experience.
  4. Each cooking segment runs around 20 minutes per recipe, with about 50 to 60 minutes of instructional time and the rest devoted to questions and answers. Classes are about 1 1/2 hours. Most classes involve 2 to 3 smaller recipes, or one more involved recipe.
  5. Zoom technical errors happen, and I so sincerely apologize.
  6. My production value continues to get better with each video, fixing lighting and sound issues, getting better shots, etc., but please remember I am an instructor, not a vlogger or YouTube person.
  7. The class is recorded and video is available for playback for two weeks after the original class date, which is particularly helpful if you are unable to make it to the class. And I’m always willing to share video again if needed, or answer questions over email.
  8. The worst part of Zoom school is not being able to share food with everyone at the end, and see people’s reactions when they taste something they made, after having just learned it.

Join me in Zoom School if you like, brought to you courtesy of Tucson Botanical Gardens. Register at their website. It will be fun, or at least tasty. I promise.

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