I am a jar hoarding addict. Faced with an empty jar, I can never, ever abandon it to the terrifying fate of the recycling bin. It has to be saved. Which leaves me with a large box of jars in every closet, another in the spidery garage.

And with far too many possibilities of what to do with them. Unless I give myself a plan, these jars will continue to remain empty. And possibly spidery.

Last summer’s strawberry heavy preserves were too good to last long. While New York grows beautiful berries, sadly, peaches are less flavorful, making another favorite, blueberry-peach preserves, less possible. No worries, a tart blueberry-apricot preserves replaced it.

Perhaps a few jars will finally be filled with the beet curd I’ve meant to make for years. Or maybe those brandied cherries I have thought about for ages. This was the year I finally wrote a capirotada recipe. Anything could happen.

Many jars will be filled with pickled jalapeños, heavy on carrots, as they are always the best part. Soon to arrive dried red chiles will be cleaned, soaked and pureed to a fine paste. For when is red chile paste not useful? Or jars and jars of pineapple marmalade? Empanadas de piña are never not welcome in this house.

As soon as a good source for local goat milk is located, gallons of if will be turned into just a few cups of cajeta, thick goat milk caramel, a dessert unto itself.

Clearly, I have work to do.

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