Why So Many Rich Kids Come to Enjoy the Taste of Healthier Foods, The Atlantic.

A new study poses the theory that higher income individuals have the financial ability to repeatedly introduce fresh and perhaps not so pleasant tasting at first foods to children, whereas lower income parents may not have the ability to take on the cost of food waste. Another study comes to the conclusion that higher income individuals simply have a taste for low-sugar, low saturated fat, generally healthy food, and are in fact being indulgent when seeking out these foods over junk.

Russians Learn the Ways of the Cowboy From American Ranch Hands, NY Times.

With a ban on Western food imports, Russia is taking up the way of the American cowboy and raising cattle in staggering numbers.

Jittery, anxious, fatigued? You could have ‘caffeine use disorder’, The Guardian.

Some helpful hints from a coffee addict to help you overcome ‘caffeine use disorder.’

Free Super Bowl ad goes to…Death Wish Coffee!, CNN Money. 

After winning a free 30 second Super Bowl ad, expect roasters of coffee for the hardcore, Death Wish Coffee to go big far outside their upstate New York roots. As a dedicated coffee drinker, I have to say, these beans are not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

Is There a Dark Side to Those Adorable Bento Boxes?, The Plate, NatGeo.

If you thought cutting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into stars was a nightmare, try the cutthroat competition over cutest bento box lunch in Japan. Not only are parents, and moms in particular, judged by the quality and cuteness of a bento, they can also determine if a child is accepted into a quality school.

An old article, but continuing on the Japanese trend:

Going to Japan? Consider a Ramen-Themed Outing for the Whole Family, Travel + Leisure.

Yes, it is exactly that, a bath in a bowl of ramen. And you thought you were ramen obsessed.

How Food Recalls Really Work, Eater.

If you’re worried about the current attack of killer cucumbers (sadly not as funny as Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), or any of the other recently contaminated food outbreaks, read about the food recall process.

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