Before staring off a new year of posts, let’s take a look back at this year, a year of big moves, from Arizona to upstate New York, from Tumblr to WordPress. (Feel free to poke around the archives of this blog’s previous home.)

Most popular posts from this year:

The strawberry picking good time of Summer Fruit Preserves.


Macerated fruit.


The tongue in cheek yet very informative How To Eat a Tostada Without Breaking It. Seriously, it’s a skill.


Almost there. Don’t be tempted by that center bite, this is a weak point. Go for the edge.


Yeah, I had to throw in my two cents in on the NY Times Pea Guacamole fiasco. Guacamole, Hold the Peas.


Guacamole, hold the peas please.


There are few things more refreshing than Mexican Rice Horchata.


Mexican Rice Horchata


Except for perhaps Cold Brew Café de Olla. I’ll take mine with a shot of tequila please.


Cold brew cafe de olla ingredients


Personal favorite post:

The warm and filling Chileatole con Calabaza.

Chileatole con calabaza


On to the new year.

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