In misleading headlines this week:

Drinking Tequila Could Help You Lose Weight, According To Scientists, Buzzhearts. 

I love tequila, not in an ‘I’m Mexican so obviously tequila is my life’ sort of way, because frankly, no one else in my family likes tequila. I simply love tequila. And if drinking tequila alone made one skinny, that would be one fad diet I could actually support. According to scientific studies, the sugars in agave could help lower blood glucose levels in side the body if you have type 2 diabetes. Otherwise they just get you drunk.

and also:

Peanut butter could help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, Medical News Today. 

A simple test of being able to smell peanut butter through each separate nostril at a certain distance can help confirm a diagnosis of alzheimer’s, but sadly not diagnose it.

In ridiculous ways to try to reinvent the wheel. 

The Other, Smarter (?) Way to Cut an Avocado, Food52. 

Are there really people who have difficulty eating an avocado in one sitting? That is the core problem here, not keeping avocados from going brown.

In protecting the consumer news:

Alton Brown reviews Amazon’s dumbest kitchen gadgets, A.V. Club.

Perpetual kitchen geek Alton Brown takes on ‘kitchen unitensils’ and keeps you from thinking you need something like a strawberry slicer.

In you never know what you’re going to find on the beach news:

Coffee spill: Thousands of coffee cans wash up in Indialantic, Florida Today.

The town of Indialantic, on Floriday’s central Atlantic coast, got a caffeinated surprise as a load of Café Bustelo washes on to its shore.

In a French truffle grows in Tennessee news:

How to Train a Truffle Puppy (and Why You Might Want to), The Plate, National Geographic. 

 Almost ten years of effort has gone into attempting to grow French Périgord truffles at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. The result would be fresher, cheaper American truffles, but so far, most they have to show for it are adorable puppies.

In eat here if you’re in L.A. news:

This Punk Rock Cholo Doesn’t Care What You Think About His Mexican-North African Food, Munchies. 

Besides making incredible looking food, chef Mario Christerna couldn’t feel better about his choice of occupation. “Are you kidding me? I’m getting paid to cook? Pinch me now, ese.”

And in only Hemingway posers think he was a mojito drinker news:

The Myth Behind Hemingway’s Favorite Drink, Eater. 

That Hemingway drank heavily is news to exactly no one. Phillip Green’s book, To Have and Have Another – A Hemingway Drinking Companion, takes a close look at Hemingway’s most enduring relationship, that with alcohol.

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