Road Trip: Budweiser Brewery, St. Louis

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Budweiser may not make the world’s greatest beer, but there are a few things they do very well.

Nearly waste free production. Consistency in product. Customer loyalty. Tear inducing advertisement. Or maybe that’s just me.

2015-11-24 12.25.00

The iconic and spoiled Budweiser clydesdale. Every horse should be so lucky.

2015-11-24 12.28.45

Aging tanks, with those famous beechwood chips, a key factor in keeping the yeast alive in such large volumes.

2015-11-24 12.37.06

Beautiful detailing throughout the campus.

2015-11-24 12.52.42

The prettiest little brew house.

2015-11-24 12.59.38

Eagles and elephants, symbols of the company’s past.

2015-11-24 13.20.50

1,300 12 ounce bottles are cleaned and bottled every minute in this production line. If all 12 breweries in the U.S. were to stop production, the nation’s Budweiser supply would run out in 17.5 hours. Want to disrupt America? Disrupt the beer supply. But remember, the average Midwestern Budweiser drinker is a gun-totting beer drinker.

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