Some of what you could be reading:

450 illegal tamales from Mexico seized at LAX and ‘incinerated’ (not steamed) – LA Times. My reaction: Noooooooooooooooooo!

Truck Full of Domino’s Pizza Dough Crashes, Dough Rises Across Road – Eater. Also: Noooooooooooooooooo!

America’s Test Kitchen Founder Chris Kimball Leaves Show and Dana Cowin Stepping Down as Food & Wine Editor – NPR and NY Times, respectively. Two American culinary gods are stepping down from their posts. My theory: A culinary Atlas Shrugged is upon us.

It’s Time to Put New Nordic Cuisine Out of its Misery – Amuse. To quote the man who first introduced Noma to the American culinary press : ‘When I hear that a plant has been foraged in an urban environment, all I can ever think about is dog piss and pollution.’ Amen brother. Someone needed to say that.

Is haute cuisine still relevant? – The Rambling Epicure. Short answer: Yes. Why? Because the French know how to eat better than we do.

Ruth Reichl Recharges in the Kitchen – NY Times. This is completely my life, except I live in the not cool part of upstate New York, it’s a Focus and not a Lexus with 100k miles on it, and I don’t have a fancy book deal. But otherwise, completely my life.

Tim Hortons Closes At Least 21 Stores With No Advance Warning – Consumerist. Where am I supposed to get my fruity muffins now?

GMO Salmon Approval Turns Up Heat in U.S. Labeling Battle- NY Times. Hate to break it to you, but you’ve been eating GMO corn since the 50s, and it was never labeled. The GMO argument is far more complicated than labels, or ‘evil corporations.’

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