I should never be mistaken for a patient person. I make an effort to appear to be one, yet I know, many a time, I fail at this completely. I say this with some degree of apologies.

I have no patience for people that walk slowly, or cannot make an informed decision within 3 nanoseconds. People that cannot listen, or follow instructions accurately. People with no sense of urgency, or that cannot finish what they start.

Basically I have the patience of someone worked in a kitchen, which is almost zero for people, yet very high for small repetitive tasks and long term projects.

This easily explains why at the moment, everything I’m working on is days, or weeks from being finished. Infusions infusing. Meat marinating. Fermentations fermenting. Things that take time, patience, and I have to wait for. And why I have always worked this way.

Take a look at past recipes that have called for Time and Patience as principal ingredients. [Some from the previous version of this blog.]


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