Reading Material: 08.14.15

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A little bit of the funny side of food writing:

Ordering Pizza Online is When you Let your Freak Flag Fly, Hillary Pollack, via Munchies.

…just as how in space no one can hear you scream, on the internet, no one can see your true gluttony.

We order more and are more picky about our order online. And now I want a pizza with all the cheese, topped with Chinese food.

So you Want to Write a Food Blog, Julia Edelman, via The New Yorker.

Remember, you never want to confuse your readers. I find it helpful to always provide a photo of each individual ingredient, in case your fans forget what food looks like, as well as a candid photo of a baby (it doesn’t have to be yours) in a bathtub full of chia seeds. Isn’t he adorable?

Pro Tip: Babies and chia seeds do not mix.

27 Food Stories Nobody Needs to Write Again, via Eater.

27. Here’s something another culture has been eating for ages but I’m going to say I discovered it

I’m guilty of the this one myself, but mine is more of ‘There’s this ethnic food I’ve been eating forever and you’ve just discovered. And you’re eating it ALL wrong!’

And something completely not funny:

Ultrafast Avocado Soup, Mark Bittman, via New York Times

Avocado milk soup.

Dear Mr. Bittman, avocados are not for soup. That is all.

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