How To: Eat a Tostada Without Breaking It

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The tostada, I am convinced, is the red-headed step-child of Mexican food in the U.S. I say this with an apology to the red-headed step-children of the world and an apology to the tostada itself for being so unloved.

The only reason I can see for the unpopularity of the tostada is the very slightly difficulty in eating one all the way through without breaking it. The ability to do this, a conclusion I’ve come to after some very scientific research, is a uniquely Mexican talent, the result of cultural and culinary training. As far as the scientific research, it is only necessary to once watch the horror of a perfectly structurally sound and well loaded tostada smashed into pieces with a fork and eaten as a giant mishmash to understand tostada eating can be a bit of a challenge.

Don’t worry, with a few helpful hints and a handy visual guide, you too can achieve tostada eating success.

  1. Choose a thick tostada or tortilla. Thinner may be better when it comes to corn chips, but tostadas need heft for structure.
  2. Choose tostadas that are as flat as possible. If frying your own, hold them down with a heat-proof spatula while cooking to keep them flat.
  3. If the topping is juicy (such as a fantastic ceviche), drain slightly to prevent an overly soggy tostada.
  4. Don’t attack a tostada straight in. Follow a side to side eating pattern.
  5. Crush the center of a tostada, and crush your chances of finishing it in one piece.

For your visual guidance:

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  1. Thanks for liking my post about Zegache. Your recipes look tasty – I really enjoy learning about new cooking methods and foods. I think my best accomplishment so far is understanding the basics of using dried chiles for making sauces, and I am currently perfecting (if there is such a thing) my pozole. I made turkey pozole with the leftovers from a Thanksgiving dinner we and friends prepared, and it was my best yet. Keep on cooking!

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