Some of the best of what I’ve read this week:

And on the Memory of Your Tastebuds, They are All Umami – Allie Marini – Short fictional stories where a bag of limes is too much commitment for a man, and one is advised to never run out of potato chips.

10 Kitchen Tools & Gadgets We Deeply Regret Giving Away – The Kitchn – Never get rid of your box grater.

This Isn’t Your Average Home Ec Class – Bridey Heing – A NYC home ec class where the essential connection between where our food comes from and the consumer is the main lesson, teaching not just how to cook, but the economics of farming, the health of the soil, and possible career paths in agriculture which have nothing to do with farming itself.

Inside the NSA farmers market, where even the cupcakes need security clearance – Holley Simmons, The Washington Post – The NSA has a farmers market, they of course, cannot tell you about it.

How Americans Got Red Meat Wrong – Nina Teicholz, The Atlantic – Something I have long suspected: Americans have never really liked fruit and vegetables, and your ancestors ate far more meat than you do today. A lot more.

And finally, if you want to cause an internet scandal, mess with guacamole:

Green Pea Guacamole – Melissa Clark, The New York Times – An otherwise unremarkable recipe causes a Twitter scandal. Everyone weighs in, including the White House.

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